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Industrial Recycling Services

Whether you’re trying to reduce your costs or environmental impact, we have the resources you need for success. We buy and sell all types of post-industrial waste. From plastics to packaging to textiles and more, our customized, turn-key solutions will keep your warehouse operations lean, clean and in the green.

Plastics Recovery & Sustainable Recycling Solutions

Industrial Recycling Services, a PalletOne company, formed in 2011 to assist manufacturers in achieving their sustainability goals. Led by an experienced team of waste stream specialists, we offer “zero-to-landfill” programs and services for businesses seeking the removal, recycling, and repurposing of post-industrial material.

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Reliable Service

We have the operational and logistical support to develop sustainable solutions to meet your facility’s needs.

Financial Integrity

We pay-in-full, on-time and provide all requested reporting detail.


We have the resources, equipment, and experience to solve your recycling challenges.

Environmental Compliance

We deliver hands-on service that helps maintain compliance, keep operations on track and streamline waste-related processes.

latest Recycler news

LDPE Postindustrial Film

We have HDPE Postindustrial natural and color film (solid color and natural with print) available ongoing from our Waterloo WI...

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Wide Spec Resin

Nylon 6 virgin unfilled wide spec resin available ongoing out of Newton NC. Monomer and moisture content will vary....

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